Trained instructors supervise and train students in various games and sports. Adequate sports equipment are available for students use. All efforts are made to have the right mix of academics and extracurricular activities for the child’s all round development.

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Active participation in quality sports leads to healthy lifestyles, striving for excellence and endorses the values of positive competition, fair play and teamwork. Through sport and physical activity we can build healthy, confident people, who have pride in themselves, school and the local community. All students are encouraged to participate and thereby enhance their physical, social, intellectual and personal development.

Tree Plantation Drive: We take great pride in being an ecofriendly organization and we believe that each of us must play our part in securing a brighter and greener future for our coming generations. Our plantation drive conducted a rally for this venture, with a view of supporting Maharashtra governments’ initiative to plant more trees. Students of Prime Academy under the guidance of our principal, Mrs. Rehana Kazi, participated in the plantation drive by planting a few saplings in Bharatvan Garden. Students showed great enthusiasm in planting trees as they knew their hard word would recharge ground water and prevent soil erosion.

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olympiad exams

CMCA:We believe in nurturing active citizenship and strengthening democracy! We take great pride in being associated with Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA). All the students of Grade 7 are taken to various initiative that helps raise civic awareness and give them an understanding of how they can make a difference. ‘CMCA’ empowers children to be active citizens and helps them to understand their rights and responsibilities, social justice, adherence to rule of law, environmental conservation and gender equality. Through this, we aim to create a critical mass of citizens who have the knowledge, skill and confidence to participate in our democracy as effective citizens


Olympiad Exams:We at Prime, aim to teach our students to think intensively and critically. Olympiad exams are conducted every academic year so as to make our students face the competitive world in future. The students get an exposure about competition and can confidently absorb challenges in the long run. It builds and develops a competitive spirit among students.


XRCVC: At Prime, we acknowledge the right of all Children to education and commit ourselves to providing educational opportunities for children with mild to moderate learning difficulties. In our caring and encouraging environment, children develop an interest in learning, become active, independent and perform better. Our all-encompassingendeavor is to equip pupils with all that they need to develop a strong sense of identity, self – esteem and a belief that they may face any challenge with confidence Our students with visual impairments are nurtured using a team approach of professionals (XRCVC), parents and students. The XRCVC provides specialized services which address the unique academic and non – academic curriculum needs of students with visual impairments. Students are provided with equal access to core and specialized curricula through appropriate specialized books, instructional materials in appropriate media (including Braille); materials and equipment for learning through alternate modes. The school strives to maintain a safe environment for the students. We along with a term approach of XRCVC professionals remain committed to giving the best to our students by Breaking Barriers….. Achieving Access.

Composting Programme :The future will either be green or not exist at all. This truth lies at the heart of human kind, most pressing challenge, namely to learn to live in harmony with Mother Earth on a genuinely sustainable basis. To give a hand-on experience and create awareness among the students, we at Prime Academy have started a school-wide composting programme with outdoor compost bins on the school ground. A school wide composting programme engages students of all ages and a higher percentage of the school’s organic waste is diverted from landfill and made into compost. In this way we instill the habit of recycling and make aware the benefits of it to the next generation through school recycling activities.

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A Teri and TETRA PAK Initiative: As we learn about the impact of human interaction with the environment, our young ecofriendly citizens at Prime Academy are overwhelmed with the fact that they can save trees by collection of used Tetra Pak. The incentive in the form of furniture made from recycling. No better way to prepare the youth as we will pass the baton to them for a greener planet. The collection of empty Tetra Pak cartons, Old batteries, used pens, etc. inculcates the practice of recycling at that tender age which will surely become a part of their life.

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