Coming together is a beginning …..


The evolution of Prime Academy culture is ultimately determined by the amount of love, understanding and freedom experienced by its children. Every emphatic act and expression of love helps the child become what he or she wants to become moving him or her in unexpected, wondrous new directions and security of the right social growth. This section of the school is equipped with beautiful classrooms and a play area, keeping in mind the brilliant child blocked inside every student. Our teachers are gifted with the art to awaken joy in creative expression & knowledge, mind exercise & listening ability. We are sure you want your child to say, “I have unlocked the golden door of education and the whole world opened to me when I learned to read.”

Keeping together is progress…

Primary & Secondary

Our enthusiastic and committed teachers take care of each child’s needs, strengths and interests. Your child will never say, “ I do not want to go school.” The students go through an exciting activity based education process. This learning process is something we inculcate in the students along with all the necessary skills to meet the challenges of this world. Our team of qualified and experienced teachers develops in students the passion for learning, the pleasure of becoming educated and the knowledge of values.

Working together is success…..

Our students’ parents are also a part of the Prime Academy family. They should understand their child’s strength and limitation. They must avoid force or compulsion and provide stable emotional basis for the child. Our expectations from our student’s parents would be to reinforce the objectives of the school and avoid conflict of values.Enthusiastic participation in Grand Parents Day, Sports Day, Mother & Child Picnic, Rangoli Competition, Fathers Day, Fancy Dress etc.The unique feature of Prime Academy is that etiquette & manners is included in the curriculum.

At Prime Academy, we put students at the centre of teaching and learning. The school curriculum is intended to provide our students with experiences that engage and challenge them to be forward thinking. It is inclusive, and affirms India’s unique identity.Prime Academy supports and empowers all students to learn and achieve personal excellence, regardless of their individual circumstances.

PRIME ACADEMY SCHOOL, is an English Medium Co-Ed School. It’s a private recognized non-aided Institution founded in the year 2006 providing a one window service. It is affiliated to The Council For The Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi (ICSE Board). It strictly follows ICSE Syllabus schemes of studies and aims at all round development of the student, in order to face this competitive world. PRIME ACADEMY is an institute with extraordinary talents. It has already carved aniche for itself in the city map of Mumbai in academics, sports and music and art.

Scheme Of Examination And Promotion :

Comprehensive Continuous Evaluation System is followed from Grade I to Grade VIII. The percentage of formative and summative assessment varies in different age groups. There are two term examinations for Grade V to IX, but for Grade I to IV, there is no term examination. Final result is based on the total performance which includes internal assessment comprising of class tests, projects, regularity in home work, discipline, punctuality and cleanliness etc.

Class IX &X :

Promotion criteria as laid down by the Council for the Indian Certificate Examination, under conditions for the award of an ICSE (Grade X) Pass Certificate.discretion of the Principal. If the attendance is inadequate the student will not be allowed to appear for the examination.

Non Scholastic Achievement:

Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW)

Though assessed internally, the rating on SUPW find a place in the ICSE certificate. Suggested SUPW and Community service activities have already been evolved and available with the school.

The school provides opportunities for –

Literary Activities like; Debate, Recitation, Creative writing, Extempore, Group Discussion, Quizzing etc.

Scientific Activities like; Experimentation, Exploration, Project Work, Science Club activities, composting etc.

Cultural Activities like; Music, Dance, Drama, Painting, Exhibition, etc.

Co-curricular Activities:

The school provides full opportunity to every child for his/her physical, moral and mental development. ‘HOUSE SYSTEM’ has been introduced and all the activities in the school are organised house wise. Sports, Literary activities, Creative activities and Productive learning activities are organized regularly. Besides these inter house activities, children also participate in exhibition, painting, dance, drama, music etc.


The attitudes which are considered for evaluation are attitudes towards Teachers, Peers, Studies, School Programmes, School Property and Management.


At Prime Academy, achievement is about cultivating habits and attitudes that enable young people to face difficulty and uncertainly calmly, confidently and creatively. To live successfully in the twenty-first century, it is not enough to leave school with a handful of certificates. Our students have to learn how to be resourceful, imaginative, and respectful of others. They must have integrity, and be self-disciplined, collaborative and inquisitive. At Prime we provide numerous opportunities for our students to develop the skills and attitudes for success. We value and celebrate achievement in academic studies, sport, the visual and performing arts, community service and cultural activities. Every staff member at Prime Academy is committed to providing our students with quality learning and teaching. Everybody contributes to our students’ development as citizens who believe and live values and develop characteristics that will enable them to be happy, to be fulfilled, and to enrich the lives of others. One of our first priorities is to ensure that we provide a safe emotional environment for our students and staff to learn and teach in.


At Prime Academy we affirm the right of every student to learn to the best of their ability and potential in an environment that is positive, safe, friendly, caring and supportive of young people. We set very clear parameters of what is acceptable behavior in our school and students are held accountable for their actions. All students know what the outcomes will be should they choose to act in a manner that is not acceptable. The cornerstone of our school culture is our belief that Prime students own their school and that collectively they set the tone of the school.