The Strength of PRIME ACADEMY is its Management. We are very proud of our Chairman Mr Naresh Advani.

Shri Naresh Advani who has many years of successful business background and his highly educated family, took over Bhagu bhai Sendhalal Patel Charitable Trust in the year 2002. Shri Naresh Advani who supports numerous humanitarian and educational causes, has founded Prime Academy to realize his dream that of an educational institution for the children.

Shri Naresh Advani, believes that education is not a preparation for life but education is life itself. He puts emphasis on quality education, as quality is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. Such views and objectives have resulted in Prime Academy becoming a school, par excellence for the overall development of the child, both mentally and physically. Shri Naresh Advani offers all the opportunities to students to nurture their potential and very confidently states, “Our students’ success will be our greatest achievement”. He wants the students to follow the school motto and value education.


Smt. Deepa Advani-Chairperson, who loves nature is a staunch believer in God. She has compassion for the needy and is always there to help them. She has the rare qualities of lending strength & bringing confidence in people, and puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of education.

The ‘Tree Plantation Drive’ on Independence Day was led by her. Mrs Advani also actively involves herself in most school activities.