26/11 is not merely a day on the calendar, but a day to be remembered not only by we Mumbaikars but also people who stand firm against terrorism.


Terrorism is one such dreadful disease that destabilizes the nation. It needs to be wiped out completely. Ignorance at any level can cause a catastrophe. To derail such inhumane activities, the Commissioner of police Shri Satyapal Singh has initiated ‘Mission Mrutyunjaya’. The motive of this mission is to educate the masses about terrorism and ways in which every citizen can be alert. The mission targets students as they are vigilant, vibrant and on whom relies the future of India.


On 1st December, 2012 Shri Shantilal Bhamre, Asst. Commissioner of Police; Shri Bajirao Bhosale , Senior Inspector of police – Powai Police Station, Inspector of Police Shri Mullah and their team visited Prime Academy to educate the students about ‘Mission Mrutyunjaya’ and their role in the mission. Students were flashed with ideas and tactics on how they can deal with anti-social elements and activities.

This awareness programme not only informs students about terrorism but also inculcates in them a sense of responsibility towards the country

We are proud to be members of ‘Mission Mrutyunjaya’