Pastor Paramjit Singh – A Divine Blessing

PastorParamjit Singh is a “Mighty Man of God” and Prime Academy School has been hugely blessed since the time he first prayed for it. He has a ministry of signs, wonders and miracles and is also a world speaker, who gives dynamic life transforming messages based on God’s principles.

In the year 2005 as he prayed for our school, going through piles of cement and untiled staircase there have been remarkable breakthroughs in the progress of the school. As brick was laid on brick, it was prayer after prayer that swiftly helped the school get the face of world class State of the Art Institution. It was only his prayers that helped the school get affiliated with the ICSE Board. We follow the enlightened path led by him with great Dedication and Reverence. Prime Academy nurtures Truth, Wisdom, Learning and Understanding. Along with this Fountain of Knowledge, the school is beautifully furnished in every way as we are committed to giving our students the very best that we have.

Children and Education are very dear to Pastor Paramjit Singh’s heart. In his message he says, “India needs to be educated and every child needs to be educated. Prime Academy is fulfilling a part of that vision. I pray that Prime Academy spreads nationwide into several schools and colleges, with the same vision.”

To the children he says, “Honour your parents, respect your teachers and do your best leaving the rest to God. Every child is much more precious than the outcome. Each child is unique and my prayer is that this uniqueness is nurtured in every child. Every child may not be a topper but can excel in the individual gifts given by God. I pray this ……. for every child.”

Ms. Chaula Joshi-our Director is a part of Paramjit Singh Ministries for many years and we are really Blessed & Honoured that Pastor Paramjit Singh and his wife Moni Singh are now a part of Prime Academy. They are very dear and close to our Chairperson Mrs. Deepa Advani and Chairman Mr. Naresh Advani.